Events by Bodam (EBB) is a full-service boutique planning and events design company based in Lagos, Nigeria, providing comprehensive services for most social and corporate events. With over 7 years events of planning events informally in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, EBB which was formally incorporated in 2017, has planned over 50 events across Nigeria, Malta, Canada and the United Kingdom.

In our capacity as event designers and planners, we have worked with a number of clients who started out in a similar place as we imagine most clients start out: hopeful, anxious and perhaps a little overwhelmed. This is where we come in and offer a little expert guidance and encouragement. It is our hope, that our assistance will allow you to approach your forthcoming event with a lot less stress and much more confidence.

From unique tips and planning to design and execution to being a shoulder to cry on or a well of advice, we are available to serve as both a source of information and inspiration.

Bodam T.