My philosophy and my primary goal is to help you tell the story of your event in a way that’s uniquely you and topped up with a style, grace and panache that no-one else can achieve for you.

I usually start off my planning sessions by sitting with my client and letting them speak – I want to hear about you, your life, your beliefs, what excites you, why you really want to have this celebration and what you want to achieve. This conversation is where I begin to draw my inspiration from and it is what starts to tickle my senses and fans the flames of my creativity to life.

I love the planning process and I am deliberate about picking a team that enjoys the process as well – the early mornings, late nights and everything in between, so that together, with a spirit of excellence, with a strong sense of responsibility, with single-minded focus and with a lot of passion and experience, we will ensure you are able to relax, unwind and enjoy the experience a lifetime.